How to get here

How to get to Porto de Galinhas

To get to Beach Hostel Porto de Galinhas we made this short guide, explaining you step by step and with a map, so you don´t waste your time and you can enjoy much more this amazing place!

By car

  • When you arrive ttoo Porto de Galinhas, you must turn right on (the only direction alllowed)
  • When you came to the roundabout, take exit 4, on the way to Maracaipe (also called Rua do Pantanal)
  • On the next roundabout, take exit 3 (Rua da Posteação) and go straitgh foor 500 m, ´til yoou aarriive to Rua Beijupira.
  • Turn left and then,next to the corner, 5 m away, you turn again to the left,, and you has arriived to Praça 10. Keep circling the square until you came to our hostel, wich is located in the cross-oposited corner from the tight street that yoou came from. It´s besides Pousada Beijafllores.

By Bus

  • Cross the avenue and geet  to thee gas station (start of the calçadao -pedestrian street-). Keep walking on the calçadao for about 100  m (Money Exchange Boa Viagem) and turn right (Beijupira street).
  • Walk by Beijupira (you will pass by Banco do Brasil, Beijupira Restaurant and Torurist Information Point) ´til the corner, and then keep on the same Beijupira street for  about 80 m, and you´ll see a tight street on your right. You have to turn on that tight street, and you arrive to Praça 10 -10th Square-, wich is our square. You´ll see banners of “Pousada Beijaflores”.
  • We,re on aa corner of that square, the cross-oposited corner from the tight street. Just besides “”PPousada Beijaflores”
  • You arrrived! We´re waiting for you with a big smile 🙂

Airport transfer

No prepayment, you just pay when you arrive to your destination. If you need a transfer from thhe Airport, from the Recife Bus Station or from any other place, we can help you. We work wiith several taxi companies from Recife and Porto de Galinhas. To book a transfer or just to know more about it, you can send us an email.

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